Yaipur is a refreshing energy drink created for those who celebrate the vitality of India. Yaipur embodies those who are rooted in the traditions of India, yet like the culture itself, continue to evolve. It is an energy drink made for people who balance a fusion of exotic traditions and pulsating ambition while entertaining a modern lifestyle.

Yaipur energy refreshments were born to embrace all that is India. With respect to Vishnu as the preserver of the universe and all-pervading essence, to embrace Yaipur gives rise to imagination and the vast possibilities life has to offer. Realize the impossible.

Corporate Governance Report
The company sets its behavior to the law of responsible corporate governance and supervision. Our identity is shaped by business integrity with a strong emphasis on ethical values. On this basis, we can be relied upon as a responsible partner in the business world and as a fair competitor in the market.

Yai Pur operates as a British PLC
Registered in Great Britain
Company Number. 7333180
Board of Directors: Roman Werner

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